Maternity Information Matrix (MIM)
The Maternity Information Matrix (MIM) is a summary of data items in Australian national and jurisdictional data collections relevant to maternal and perinatal health.
The MIM documents data collection practices as at July 2018.
The MIM includes:
  • 45 data collections including perinatal data collections, births and deaths registries, congenital anomalies and specialist collections
  • more than 600 data items
  • metadata for each item including definitions and descriptions
  • data collection overviews with information about each collection.
The User Guide provides basic assistance to help you navigate the MIM. For further assistance with any aspect of the MIM, please email  and a response will be provided within 2 working days. Alternatively, you can contact the AIHW on 02 6244 1000.
Feedback about the MIM is welcome. Please send your feedback to
The AIHW acknowledges and sincerely thanks the data custodians for their time, goodwill and contributions to the MIM which are essential to maintaining this valuable resource.

AIHW also acknowledges the AIHW National Perinatal and Epidemiology Statistics Unit (NPESU) for developing the original MIM and producing the first online version.

AIHW acknowledges funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health for this project.