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Area of usual residence

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Mother's demographic data

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METeOR: The geographical region in which a person or group of people usually reside, as represented by a code set representing a medium-sized area (Statistical areas level 2 (SA2s); ASGS 2016). ABS recommends that 'usual' be defined as: 'the place where the person has or intends to live for 6 months or more, or the place that the person regards as their main residence, or where the person has no other residence, the place they currently reside.' NCIS: The country, street, suburb, postcode and state of the address where the deceased was known to reside. NMMD: Mother's state/territory of usual residence.

All S/T perinatal collections: include the postcode of the mother. NMMD: includes jurisdiction, SA2s, postcode of the mother.

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