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Maternal medical conditions

Data Item category

Maternal Morbidity - non-specific

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

NPDC: The ICD-10-AM code for maternal conditions.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections: free text on form relating to maternal medical conditions coded to ICD-10-AM in the data collections. NSW PMC: Maternal diseases present in this pregnancy - Yes/No. If Yes then tick boxes for types including injury, diabetes, sepsis, thrombophilia, other. QLD PMC: Mother's medical history prior to this pregnancy. ACT PMC: Maternal medical conditions while pregnant - may select more than one from: Type II DM, chronic renal disease, essential hypertension, epilepsy, cardiac disease, maternal injury, abdominal operation, malignancy, infection, maternal death, BMI greater than 40, other.

Additional information

QLD PDC collects current medical conditions which includes as range of tick boxes as well as a freetext "other". ACT also collects 'Other medical conditions', with a yes/no response.

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