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Address of usual residence

Data Item category

Mother's demographic data

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

NCIS: The country, street, suburb, postcode and state of the address where the deceased was known to reside. QLD, VIC, TAS, ACT, and NT Perinatal Data Collections: collect suburb and the other S/T collect street name and number. NSW, SA, VIC Registers of Congenital Anomalies collect full address. S/T Deaths Registration Collections: TAS: Last address at which the deceased lived or intended to live for a total of 6 months or more. For a newborn or a child not born alive, show the mother's address. Show the street name, number, suburb, town or city, S/T and postcode. If usual residence is overseas, give name of country. NSW: Where the deceased is a newborn, please enter residential address of mother. QLD: Street, Suburb (not postbox). NT, WA, VIC: Address. ACT: Last home address. SA: Usual residence. SA PMC: Postcode;

Additional information

NPDC collects S/T of usual residence, SLA of usual residence and Postcode of usual residence. This data item and other items that identify the person are not usually released but may be available for data linkage purposes.

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