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Maternal Morbidity - gestational

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TAS PDC: Eclampsia is characterised by grand mal seizures, hypertension, proteinuria, oedema and may progress to coma. Before a seizure, a patient may experience a body temperature of over 40°C, anxiety, epigastric pain, severe headache and blurred vision. Complications of eclampsia may include cerebral haemorrhage, pulmonary oedema, renal failure, abruptio placentae and temporary blindness (National Centre for Classisification in Health, 2010). 

NSW PDC: Pregnancy-induced hypertension (proteinuric) includes pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.SA PDC: Eclampsia should be separately identified under "Other" as a specified complication. TAS PDC: Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia are items under hypertension collected under obstetric complications. NT PDC: Eclampsia prior to birth

Additional information

QLD PDC collects pregnancy complications which includes a range of tick boxes as well as a freetext "other". Complications are recorded as an ICD-10-AM code and may include this condition.

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