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Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)

Data Item category

Maternal Morbidity - gestational

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
VIC: A birth weight below the 10th percentile according to gestational age for infants born in the community concerned. It is verified with an US confirming evidence of asymmetrical growth ± oligohydramnios or abnormal umbilical artery Doppler flow study. OTHER S/Ts: No definition specified.
NSW Perinatal Mortality Committee: Was weight less than 10th percentile, if so was there serial U/S evidence of fetal growth restriction? ACT PMC: Was there fetal growth restriction - no, yes idiopathic, yes placental pathology, yes other, unknown.

Additional information

QLD, WA, TAS, ACT collect "other complications of pregnancy" as a free text field which may capture IUGR. NSW and ACT PMC provide table defining fetal growth restriction (less than 10th percentile for gestation) for boys and girls.

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