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Postpartum haemorrhage

Data Item category

Maternal Morbidity - postpartum

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Data definitions

METeOR: An indicator of whether a female who has given birth experienced a primary postpartum haemorrhage, as represented by a code.
NPDC: Primary transfusion due to primary postpartum haemorrhage received.
NSW: Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) requiring transfusion of whole blood or packed cells.
SA: Primary postpartum haemorrhage – a blood loss of 600 millilitres or more, occurring in the first twenty-four hours post birth. A secondary postpartum haemorrhage should be recorded under other.
WA: Postpartum haemorrhage – bleeding from the genital tract after delivery of 500ml of blood or more.
TAS: Abnormal or excessive blood loss from the genital tract after childbirth, occurring within 24 hours of birth (greater than 500 ml).

METeOR and NPDC: 1 = Yes; 2 = No; 9 = Not stated.

Additional information

VIC collect the estimated blood loss after birth and if the woman has had a blood transfusion which would capture PPH. ACT and NT collect PPH as a tick box, NSW collect PPH requiring a blood transfusion as a Y/N response, SA collect primary PPH 600-999ml or 1000 ml or more, WA collect PPH greater than 500ml.

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