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Transfer to/from other facility

Data Item category

Health services - intrapartum care

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

QLD PDC: Indicate whether the mother has been transferred from a different
location. This includes transfers from home births to hospital, from birthing centre to acute care area.
VIC PDC: Identification of the hospital campus to which the mother is transferred following separation from this hospital campus. TAS PDC: Transfer of woman prior to delivery: no transfer, hospital to hospital, birth centre to hospital, home to hospital (intended home birth only). ACT PMC: Was the mother transferred antenatally? Type of facility transferred from - planned homebirth, birth centre, another ACT hospital, interstate hospital.

Additional information

VIC:Transfer refers to patients moving between two different hospitals or hospital campuses where: They were assessed or received care and treatment in the first hospital; and It is intended that the patient receive admitted care in the second hospital.

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