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Type of induction

Data Item category

Labour and birth

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

METeOR: The method used to induce labour, as represented by a code.
NPDC: Type of induction of labour (with labour having not begun).
S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: Labour is initiated by the use of drugs (oral, intravaginal or IV) such as Oxytocin, prostaglandins or their derivatives ( i.e. medical induction), or ARM either by hindwater or forewater rupture (i.e. surgical induction). VIC: Agents used to induce or assist in the progress of labour: induced medical - oxytocin and/or prostaglandin; induced surgical, ARM; induced medical and surgical - oxytocin and/or prostaglandin and ARM; QLD: Which method was used to induce labour: ARM, Prostaglandins, Oxytocin, Antiprogestagen, mechanical cervical dilation and other. WA: Induction is either a medical and/or surgical procedure performed for the purpose of stimulating and establishing labour in a woman who has not commenced labour spontaneously; OTHER S/T: No definition specified.

METeOR: 1 = Oxytocin; 2 = Prostaglandins; 3 = Artificial rupture of membranes (ARM); 6 = Mechanical cervical dilatation; 8 = Other; 9 = Not stated/inadequately described.
NPDC: None; Oxytocin; Prostaglandins; ARM; Other; Combined types; Not stated.
NT: Tick boxes with same options as METeOR however Balloon Catheter is explicitly stated instead of mechanical cervical dilatation.
ACT: Method of induction: Oxytocin; Prostaglandins; A.R.M.; Combined A.R.M. and Oxytocin. 
TAS: Method of induction: Prostaglandin; A.R.M.; Balloon; Oxytocin; Antiprogestogen; Other.
QLD PMC: Drugs used; artificial RoM; Other.

Additional information

Data are not uniformly collected by S/Ts. TAS collect "balloon". WA: none, oxytocin, prostaglandins, artifical rupture of membranes, dilatation device, other. Other S/T collect "other". VIC, QLD and SA provide a free text field to specify the type of induction which may capture "balloon".  NMMD collects data items on the type of induction of labour including oxytocin, prostaglandins, artificial rupture of membranes, mechanical cervical dilatation, other (free text).

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