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Type of induction

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Labour and birth

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

METeOR: The method used to induce labour, as represented by a code.
NPDC: Type of induction of labour (with labour having not begun).
S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: Labour is initiated by the use of drugs (oral, intravaginal or IV) such as Oxytocin, prostaglandins or their derivatives ( i.e. medical induction), or ARM either by hindwater or forewater rupture (i.e. surgical induction). VIC: Agents used to induce or assist in the progress of labour: induced medical - oxytocin and/or prostaglandin; induced surgical, ARM; induced medical and surgical - oxytocin and/or prostaglandin and ARM; QLD: Which method was used to induce labour: ARM, Prostaglandins, Oxytocin, other. WA: Induction is either a medical and/or surgical procedure performed for the purpose of stimulating and establishing labour in a woman who has not commenced labour spontaneously; OTHER S/T: No definition specified.

METeOR: 1 = Oxytocin; 2 = Prostaglandins; 3 = Artificial rupture of membranes (ARM); 6 = Mechanical cervical dilatation; 8 = Other; 9 = Not stated/inadequately described.
NPDC: None; Oxytocin; Prostaglandins; ARM; Other; Combined types; Not stated.
NT: Tick boxes with same options as METeOR however Balloon Catheter is explicitly stated instead of mechanical cervical dilatation.
ACT: Method of induction: Oxytocin; Prostaglandins; A.R.M.; Combined A.R.M. and Oxytocin. QLC PMC: Drugs used, artificial RoM, Other.

Additional information

Data are not uniformly collected by S/Ts. TAS collect "balloon". WA: none, oxytocin, prostaglandins, artifical rupture of membranes, dilatation device, other. Other S/T collect "other". VIC, QLD and SA provide a free text field to specify the type of induction which may capture "balloon".

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