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Type of augmentation

Data Item category

Labour and birth

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: Augmentation: Spontaneous onset of labour is stimulated with the use of drugs such as oxytocin, or ARM or a combination of both; VIC: Agents used to assist in the progress of labour; SA: No definition specified. WA: The labour is augmented when, following spontaneous onset of labour, medical and /or surgical interventions (e.g., Syntocinon infusion and ARM) are used to assist progress; TAS: If labour was augmented, indicate by what means, i.e. ARM, oxytocin, No augmentation: OTHER S/T: No definitions.
QLD: Same data item as Type of Induction. ACT: Augmentation: None; Oxytocin; Prostaglandins; A.R.M. QLD PMC: ARM, oxytocin infusion, other.

Additional information

Data are not uniformly collected by S/Ts. All S/T collect data on TYPE of augmentation using Oxytocin, ARM and Prostaglandin. VIC also include augmented as a 'Yes'/'No' response. All S/T exc TAS collect "other"; VIC, QLD and SA provide a free text field to specify the type of augmentation.

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