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Reason for induction

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Labour and birth

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Meteor: The primary indication for an induction being performed to commence a birth event, as represented by a code.
NPDC: Main reason for labour induction.
S/T Perinatal Data Collection:
NSW: If labour is induced, record the main reason for the induction. Tick boxes for: diabetes, hypertensive disease, fetal distress, fetal death, chorioamnionitis, blood group isoimmunisation, pre-labour RoM, prolonged pregnancy (greater than 41 weeks), suspected IUGR, other; VIC: The primary reason given for an induction of labour. Qld: Main reason for induction of labour (ICD-10-AM). WA: If labour is induced, record the main reason for the induction. SA: Give reasons for induction (free text) (if post dates, state T+. days). TAS: Social/geographical- Induction occurs with no medical reason - includes mother's choice; Maternal indications - ncludes hypertension, diabetes, cardiac conditions, etc; Fetal indications -  includes IUGR, non-reassuring CTG and other fetal conditions which indicate need for induction; Post dates - the pregrnancy has proceeded 10 days or more after the EDD, as determined by LMP and/or ultrasound estimations.. ACT: Indications for induction of labour, main and additional.
Meteor: 1=prolonged pregrnancy, 2= prelabour rupture of membranes, 3=diabtes, 4=hypertensive disorders, 5=multiple pregnancy, 6=chorioamnionitis (includes suspected), 7=cholestasis of pregnancy, 8=antepartum haemorrhage, 9=maternal age, 10=body mass index, 11=maternal mental health indication, 12=previous adverse perinatal outcome, 19=other maternal obstetric or medical indication, 20=fetal compromise (includes suspected), 21=fetal growth restriction (includes suspected), 22=fetal macrosomia (includes suspected), 23=fetal death, 24=fetal congenital anomaly, 80=administrative or geographical indication, 81=maternal choice in the absence of any obstetric, medical, fetal, administrative or geographical indication, 89=other indication not elsewhere classified, 99=not stated/inadequately described.
NPDC: Prolonged pregnancy, psychosocial, hypertension/pre-eclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction, fetal death, fetal distress, isoimmunisation, chorioamnionitis, other, not stated.
WA: Follows the meteor (National Health Data Dictionary) codes. NT: Diabetes, hypertensive disease, fetal death, premature RoM, prolonged pregnancy (greater than 41 weeks), suspected IUGR, prolonged RoM, maternal exhaustion, maternal request, significant social reason, other, not stated: ACT: free text. QLD: If labour was induced, specify the reason for induction in the space provided (free text), e.g. RoM greater than 24 hrs before delivery, post-term, etc. If the reason for induction was a social reason specify the actual reasons. ACT PMC: Reason for induction or augmentation - FDIU, fetal anomaly, PIH, APH, post term, incoordinate contractions, other.

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NT: values differ between databases.

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