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Type of analgesia administered

Data Item category

Labour and birth

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Data definitions

METeOR: The type of analgesia administered to a woman during a birth event, as represented by a code. Includes nitrous oxide; epidural or caudal block; spinal block; systemic opioids (includes intramuscular and intravenous opioids); combined spinal-epidural block; other analgesia (includes all non-narcotic oral analgesia, and non-pharmacological methods such as hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, relaxation techniques, temperature regulation, aroma therapy and other).
S/T Perinatal Data Collection:
NSW: Agents administered to the mother by injection or inhalation to relieve pain during labour. Tick boxes for none, nitrous oxide, systemic opioids, spinal, epidural/caudal, combined spinal+epidural, other. VIC: The type of analgesia administered to the woman to relieve pain during labour; QLD: Agents administered to the mother by injection or inhalation to relieve pain during labour and delivery.
WA: This question refers to analgesia during labour only. A response must be recorded, however, more than one response is permitted. Tick boxes for none, nitrous oxide, epidural/caudal, spinal, systemic opioids, combined spinal/epidural, other. ACT: The Analgesia is for labour and birth and Anaesthesia is for operative birth only. ACT PMC: Values include none, nitrous oxide, IMI/IV narcotic, epidural, spinal, other.

Additional information

All S/T collect data on nitrous oxide epidural/caudal, spinal and narcotics. TAS also specify IV opioids. TAS and ACT do not collect data on the combined spinal epidural. TAS collects pudendal. QLD collects data on non-pharmacological analgesia (including water immersion and water injections). NT collect epidural bolus, bath/shower and alternative methods. VIC (paper), QLD, SA and NT (electronic) provide a free text field to specify. VIC (electronic) has values of Nitrous oxide, Systemic opioids, Epidural or caudal, Spinal, Combined spinal – epidural, Other. QLD PMC has values of opiate, nitrous oxide, epidural, non-pharmacological, other.

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