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Rupture of membranes

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Labour and birth

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collection: VIC: The date and time on which the mother's membranes ruptured (spontaneously or artificially).
ANZNN: Date and time of confirmed spontaneous or induced membrane rupture. Rupture of the membranes is diagnosed by the obvious gush of clear amniotic fluid from the vagina, or (if fluid is available) by differentiation with urine and vaginal secretions. This includes a hind water leak, even if the leak subsequently closes off.
QLD: The number of days, hours and minutes before delivery the membranes were ruptures. If the membranes rupture 'at delivery' then at delivery or '0' is recorded. If there was no labour and the delivery was by caesarean section then the actual time of rupture should be recorded or at delivery as above. NSW Perinatal Mortality Committee: As part of the item on preterm labour there is a further question of timing of ROM - less than 24 hours, 24 hours or more or unknown time prior to delivery. SA PMC: Hours membranes ruptured and whether spontaneous, ARM, not relevant or unknown method of rupture.

Additional information

NSW PMC collect this information only in relation to preterm delivery.
Tas PDC collects this information in Obstetrix Tas, a statewide Electronic Perinatal Database that is used in public maternity and publically contracted private hospitals throughout Tasmania. This item is listed as an obstetric complication on the Tasmanian Perinatal Data Collection form.

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