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Method/type of birth

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Labour and birth

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METeOR: The method of complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception in a birth event. Including: vaginal non-instrumental; vaginal forceps; caesarean section; vaginal vacuum extraction.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections: NSW: Normal vaginal: spontaneous vaginal delivery requiring no mechanical or surgical assistance (excluding spontaneous breech delivery); forceps: an assisted birth, including low forceps, mid forceps and forceps rotation; vacuum extraction: as assisted birth using a suction cap applied to the baby' head; vaginal breech: all types of vaginal breech delivery including spontaneous breech, assisted breech and breech extraction with forceps to the after coming head; caesarean section: the delivery of the fetus through an abdominal incision. VIC: The method of complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception in a birth event. Forceps: any use of forceps in vaginal birth, rotation delivery and forceps to the after coming head for breech presentations; vaginal birth - non-instrumental Includes manual assistance for example, a vaginal breech that has been manually rotated; planned caesarean no labour, undertaken as a planned procedure, before the onset of labour; unplanned caesarean labour, the procedure is undertaken for a complication after the onset of labour whether that onset is spontaneous or induced; planned caesarean labour, the procedure was planned but occurs after spontaneous onset of labour; unplanned caesarean no labour, this procedure is undertaken for urgent indication before the onset of labour QLD: Vaginal non instrumental: a birth which is achieved by the mother's expulsive efforts requiring no mechanical or surgical assistance; Forceps: where the forceps are applied to assist the delivery process, including rotation forceps, lift out etc; vacuum extractor: an assisted birth using a suction cap applied to the baby's head, including rotation vacuum (also known as ventouse extractor); lower segment caesarean section; classical caesarean; other includes birth methods not classified above e.g. hysterotomy or extraction post mortem. SA: Indicate the final method of delivery i.e. a trial of forceps that ends in a caesarean will be classified as a caesarean; assisted breech, maternal effort with assistance being given for the delivery of the shoulders and the head; breech extraction, an operative delivery under anaesthesia; spontaneous breech, no assistance given; elective caesarean, one which takes place as a planned procedure before the spontaneous onset of labour; emergency caesarean, one which is undertaken for a complication before the onset of labour, during labour whether that is spontaneous or induced. WA: Spontaneous, any spontaneous delivery that is achieved solely by the mother's expulsive efforts. This includes any spontaneous breech delivery; vacuum, the attachment of traction by suction to the fetal scalp; forceps, used for traction and or rotation; assisted breech delivery, the baby is delivered spontaneously as far as the umbilicus but the remainder of the body is assisted by the obstetrician or the accoucheur; breech extraction, the entire body of the baby is extracted by the obstetrician, forceps to the after coming head will be recorded as forceps as well as breech delivery; Spontaneous Breech Delivery, occurs where the baby is expelled spontaneously without any traction or assistance other than support; this should be recorded as a normal delivery with a breech presentation. Caesarean Section, is defined as delivery of the fetus through an incision in the abdominal wall (laparotomy) and the uterine wall (hysterotomy). Elective Caesarean Section, a planned procedure performed, prior to onset of labour and before spontaneous rupture of membranes, and without any procedure to induce labour; Emergency (Non-Elective) Caesarean Section, is undertaken at short notice for a complication either before the onset of labour (e.g. life threatening A.P.H), during labour whether that labour is spontaneous or induce labour (e.g. fetal distress), if the woman is booked for an elective caesarean section and either goes into spontaneous labour or has a spontaneous rupture of membranes and the caesarean section is performed in.TAS: Forceps low, +2 or below, forceps mid, 0 +1, forceps rotation, delivery by forceps involving rotation of the fetal head from any position more than 45 degrees from direct OA (includes correction of transverse arrest, rotation form direct OP but not including delivery as direct OP); vacuum extraction, delivery assisted by any type of vacuum device; vacuum rotation, where rotation of the fetal head through more than 45 degrees is required to effect delivery.
ANZNN: The method of complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception.
ACT PDC: Normal birth (vaginal - non-instrumental); Vaginal - forceps; Caesarean section; Vaginal - vacuum extraction. NSW PMC: Normal vaginal delivery, breech delivery, caesarean section, forceps delivery, ventouse delivery or other. QLD PMC: vaginal non-instrumental, forceps, vacuum, LSCS, classical caesarean, other, unknown. ACT PMC: Spontaneous cephalic, forceps, vaginal breech, caesarean section, vacuum extraction, other. QLD,NSW, SA, ACT Births and Deaths Registration Collections (perinatal deaths only): Normal vertex or other with room to specify. NMMD: vaginal - non-instrumental, vaginal - forceps, vaginal - vacuum extraction, caesarean section, not applicable, baby undelivered at time of maternal death, unknown/not stated.

Additional information

All S/T collect vaginal birth, forceps and vacuum/ventouse. All states collect 'caesarean' but in varying ways. NSW, TAS and ACT collect 'caesarean', VIC, SA, WA TAS and NT (paper and electronic) collect elective and emergency separately. QLD collect lower segment caesarean section and classical and TAS are the only state that collect primary and repeat caesarean. VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT and NT (online) do not collect the vaginal breech but SA collect breech extraction and spontaneous breech. QLD and NT electronic also have room for free text. WA allow for more than one option of method of birth e.g. if there was a trial of forceps and then the birth was a caesarean. WA collect if the forceps or vacuum were unsuccessful. Definitions of the individual methods of birth vary (e.g. breech); WA enables more than one method of birth to be recorded. Births and Deaths Registration Collections collect this item for stillbirths (Birth register) and neonatal deaths (Death Register) only.

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