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Fetal monitoring during labour

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Labour and birth

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
VIC: Methods used to monitor the well being of the fetus during labour. Admission cardiotocography: A routine cardiotocography (CTG) of limited duration (for example, 30 minutes) on admission Intermittent cardiotocography: Fetal heart monitoring by CTG on a number of occasions in labour, but not continuously. Continuous cardiotocography: Fetal heart monitoring by CTG more or less continuously from some point in labour until around the time of birth. Fetal blood sampling
Includes scalp lactate. It is assumed that all women who birth at a hospital will have intermittent auscultation. This may be performed by using Pinards, or Sonicaid. Collection of this item enables reporting of the appropriateness of fetal monitoring in various circumstances, its associations with pregnancy outcomes, and management of labour and birth. SA, WA and ACT: No definition specified.
WA: CTG intrapartum. SA: External CTG, scalp clip, no monitoring, and fetal scalp pH, Y/N. QLD: Tick 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate whether Cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring was performed during labour. Any external trace recorded during labour, regardless of the duration of recording (i.e. continuous or intermittent) should be recorded. A baseline trace recorded prior to labour commencing should not be recorded. Tick 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate whether Fetal Scalp Electrode (FSE) monitoring was performed during labour. Fetal scalp pH - indicate whether this was measured or not. Tick 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate whether fetal scalp lactate was measured. If the fetal scalp lactate was taken, record the result. TAS PMC: Intermittent CTG, intermittent auscultation, continuous electronic, N/A, no monitoring. QLD PMC: intermittent auscultation, CTG on admission, intermittent CTG, continuous CTG external, continuous CTG - FSE, fetal scalp pH/lactate, other. SA PMC: Fetal heart in labour - normal, not heard, irregular, irregular then not heard, normal then not heard. ACT PMC: Manual auscultation, Doppler, CTG intermittent, CTG continuous, CTG scalp electrode.

Additional information

VIC collect: no monitoring during labour; admission CTG, intermittent CTG, continuous external CTG, intermittent auscultation and fetal blood sampling and other. QLD, SA and WA collect intrapartum CTG. VIC, QLD and SA collect fetal scalp electrode. QLD collects lactate. QLD and SA collect fetal scalp pH. ACT collect continuous EFM - yes/no

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