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Labour and birth

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S/T Perinatal Data Collection:
NSW: The clinician or clinicians responsible for the care of the mother, collected separately for the antenatal period of the birth event i.e. private obstetrician, hospital based medical, GP, hospital based midwife/midwives, independent midwife/midwives, not applicable. WA: The principal person who assisted the mother in the birth of the baby. Includes: Obstetrician, other medical officer, midwife, student, self/no attendant or other. NT: accoucheur (drop drown menu) and attending midwife (electronic); accoucheur: name of midwife and designation, midwife, student midwife, consultant, G.P, resident Dr, student Dr, and other (paper) and accoucheur (drop down menu) in the online collection. QLD: Obstetrician: A medical doctor who is qualified in the field of obstetrics. Other medical officer: Includes registrar, JHO, RMO, GP, etc. Midwife: An RN who is qualified in the field of midwifery. Student midwife: An RN training to obtain qualifications in the field of midwifery. Medical student: A student training to obtain qualifications to become a medical doctor. Other: Includes an RN without midwifery qualifications, doulas, ambulance officer, self, husband, other patient, etc. TAS: Obstetrician, midwife, GP Obstetrician, hospital medical officer, other.
S/T Birth Registration Collections: Name, address and designation of the birth attendant. NSW, QLD Death Registration (perinatal deaths): Specialist Obstetrician, other physician, trained midwife, other trained person (specify). NT: MO in attendance at birth yes/no. ACT: Attendant at birth (Specialist Obstetrician, other Physician, trained Midwife, other trained person please specify) QLD: Was the doctor notifying present at the stillbirth. SA: Deaths Registration Collections: Most senior attendant at birth (Specialist Obstetrician, GP, Registered Midwife, non-Registered MO, Registrar, None, Other please specify). VIC PMC: The discipline of the clinician who, at the time of admission for the birth, is expected to be primarily responsible for making decisions regarding intrapartum care i.e. obstetrician, midwife, G.P, none.

Additional information

NSW collect data on the model of care used during the labour and birth, allowing more than one option to be included. VIC collect the lead intrapartum care provider, which does not allow for more than one option. QLD, WA. TAS and NT all collect the accoucheur. QLD and NT provide a free text field to specify the accoucheur. WA collect "no attendant".

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