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ANZNN: Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) is provided to the mother during the 24 hours immediately before birth, either because of maternal preeclampsia or specifically for fetal nuero-protection.
ANZNN: MgSO4 not given at all; MgSO4 stopped >24 hours; MgSO4 commenced >24 hours before birth and stopped <24 hours before birth; MgSO4 commenced between 4 to 24 hours before birth; MgSO4 commenced within 4 hours of birth; MgSO4 given but details unknown; MgSO4/placebo given for randomised trial; Unknown.

Additional information

​The following is stated in the ANZNN data dictionary: Babies born very preterm are at risk of neurologic injury during labour and immediately after birth. MgSO4 has been demonstrated to provide neuroprotection and is recommended be given to the mother when gestational age is less than 30 weeks, when early preterm birth is planned or definitely expected within 24 hours. In the case of planned birth, MgSO4 is recommended to be commenced as close to four hours before birth as possible, however if birth is planned or expected to occur sooner than four hours, administration is recommended, as there is still advantage likely from administration within this time.


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