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Shoulder dystocia

Data Item category

Complications of labour

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
VIC: Shoulder dystocia present when there is obstruction to the passage of the shoulders through the bony pelvis (wedged behind the pubic bone), the head having already been born and the chin burrows into the perineum (turtle sign). True shoulder dystocia has also been defined as any birth in which external and internal manoeuvres, in addition to lateral traction and episiotomy, are required to birth the shoulders. TAS: Any delivery where specific manoeuvres such as McRobert's rotation of anterior shoulder or delivery of posterior arm where required to effect delivery of the shoulders. WA: No definition specified.

Additional information

QLD, SA and NT (electronic) collect "other complications of labour" as a free text field which may capture shoulder dystocia.

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