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Postpartum haemorrhage blood loss

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Complications of labour

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METeOR: The estimated amount of blood lost by a female postpartum indicating the occurrence of primary postpartum haemorrhage, as represented by a code set. NPDC: Estimated blood loss indicating primary postpartum haemorrhage in millilitres. NSW PDC: Postpartum haemorrhage within 24 hours of birth - estimated blood loss. VIC PDC: An estimate of the amount of blood lost at the time of birth and in the following 24 hours in millilitres (whether the loss is from the vagina, from an abdominal incision, or retained for example, broad ligament haematoma). SA PDC: Postpartum haemorrhage >500ml.
TAS PDC: Estimated amount of abnormal or excessive blood loss from the genital tract within the first 24 hours postpartum. NT PDC: As per METeOR collected from 2014.
METeOR (and NPDC): 1 = 500-999 mls; 2 = 1,000-1,499 mls; 3 = 1,500 mls or more; (8 = Not applicable); 9 = Not stated. WA PDC: The amount of blood loss wihin 24 hours of delivery (mLs).

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