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Maternal occupation

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Mother's demographic data

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SA Perinatal Data Collection: Indicate any occupation prior to and or/during pregnancy before 'home duties'. If a student indicate what type, i.e., university, school, trade school. If the mother has never been employed or involved in self employment occupation please indicate. NCIS: (only available on maternal death record) The usual job or duties in which the deceased was principally engaged. Note: Separate to incident occupation if died as a result of work related activities. Description: S/T Deaths Registration Collections: Main occupation during working life. VIC: Usual occupation AND whether retired, pensioner or unemployed. NT,TAS, NSW, ACT, WA: Usual occupation AND main tasks involved in this work AND whether retired or pensioner. QLD, NT: Usual occupation AND whether retired or pensioner. ACT: Usual occupation, was the deceased retired or a pensioner. S/T Births Registration Collections: Usual occupation (NSW including main tasks involved in this work).

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