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Interventions - postpartum

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Data definitions

METeOR: An indicator of whether a female received a blood transfusion as a result of a primary postpartum haemorrhage, as represented by a code. NPDC: Blood transfusion due to primary postpartum haemorrhage received.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections: VIC: Whether the mother was given a transfusion of whole blood or any blood product (excluding anti-D) during her postpartum stay. QLD: No definition specified. Tas: Postpartum haemorrhage requiring transufsion of blood, blood products or blood subsitutes (including autologous blood via a cell salvage procedure), but excludes volume expanders.
METeOR (and NPDC): 1 = Yes; 2 = No; (8 = Not applicable); 9 = Not stated.
VIC: Transufion of blood products received; Transufsion of blood products not received; Not stated/inadequately described.

Additional information

QLD PDC collects procedures and interventions in pregnancy which includes a range of tick boxes as well as a freetext "other". These are recorded as an ICD-10-AM code and may include this intervention.

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