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Data definitions

METeOR: The number of babies resulting from a single pregnancy, as represented by a code.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections: NSW: The total number of births resulting from this pregnancy. VIC: The total number of babies resulting from a single pregnancy. QLD: Plurality refers to the total amount of births resulting from this pregnancy. If the pregnancy commences as a twin pregnancy but one fetus is miscarried before 20 weeks and/or 400 grams, the plurality would be single. WA: Refers to the number of fetuses or babies resulting from this pregnancy. On this basis, pregnancy may be classified as singleton or multiple and the outcome will be a single baby, twin triplets, etc. TAS: Plurality of pregnancy is determined by the number of fetuses that remain inutero after 20 weeks gestation. If gestational age is unknown, only live born fetuses (of any birthweight) and stillborn fetuses weighing 400g or more are taken into account in determining plurality. Fetuses aborted before 20 completed weeks or fetuses compressed in the placenta at 20 or more weeks gestation are excluded. ANZNN: The total number of births resulting from this pregnancy.
NMDS: Plurality at birth is determined by the total number of live births and stillbirths that result from pregnancy, including stillbirths where the fetus may have died before 20 weeks gestation that are recognisable as a fetus and have been expelled or extracted with other products of conception when pregnancy ended at 20 or more weeks gestation. This item is collected for the mother only (1=Singleton, 2=Twins, 3=Triplets, 4=Quadruplets, 5= Quintuplets, 6=Sextuplets). SA: plurality (1 = single, 2 = twin, 3 = triplet, 4 = quad). ACT: Single, Twin, Triplets. VIC RCA: single, twin and other.

Additional information

NSW, NT (electronic and online) also collect the total number of babies. Births and Deaths Registration Collections collect this item for stillbirths (Births Register) and neonatal deaths (Deaths Register) only and not for all births and deaths.

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