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Time to establish respirations

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S/T Perinatal Data Collections: VIC: Time in minutes taken to establish regular, spontaneous breathing. This is not the same as the time of the first breath. SA: Indicate to the nearest minute the length of time baby takes to establish regular spontaneous breathing. WA: Time to establish respiration (non-mandatory)
QLD: To the nearest minute, the time it took to establish regular, spontaneous breathing. If respirations were established 30 to 59 seconds after the birth it is recorded as one minute. If the baby established respirations spontaneously tick the ‘at birth box’; if the baby was ventilated, tick the ‘intubated/ventilated’ box; if respirations were never established, tick the ‘respirations not established’ box. WA: Record to the nearest minute the time taken to establish and maintain spontaneous respirations. If a baby takes less than one minute to establish unassisted breathing, record 01 on the form. If a baby is intubated and ventilated and accurate assessment of time is not possible, then record as 98.

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