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Data definitions

METeOR: The first weight, in grams, of the live-born or stillborn baby obtained after birth, or the weight of the neonate or infant on the date admitted if this is different from the date of birth.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: The weight of the baby at birth, recorded to the nearest 5 grams. VIC: The 1st weight (in grams) of the live-born or still born baby obtained after birth. QLD: The first weight of the fetus or baby obtained after birth in grams. SA: Record the weight in grams. WA: weight to the nearest 5 grams. Usually obtained within the first hour of birth. ANZNN: The first weight of the live born or stillborn baby obtained after birth.

Additional information

NSW RCA only collects this item for infant notifications. Births and Deaths Registration Collections collect this item for all births (Births Register) as well as neonatal deaths (Deaths Register),

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