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Expressed breast milk

Data Item category

Neonatal feeding

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: Expressed breast milk: means 'mothers only expressed breast milk, no other liquids or solids with the exception of drops or syrups consisting of vitamins, mineral supplements or medicines (exclusive breastfeeding). QLD: Includes breast milk/colostrum received directly from the breast as well as expressed breast milk/colostrum received by but not limited to syringe, cup or enteral tube. The values collected are: breast milk/colostrum at any time from birth until discharge and in the 24 hours before discharge. Description:
ACT: The baby ever had expressed breast milk and expressed breast milk at discharge.

Additional information

There are many variations of feeding collected by S/T. Tas PDC collects this information in Obstetrix Tas, a statewide Electronic Perinatal Database that is used in public maternity and publically contracted private hospitals throughout Tasmania.

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