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Resuscitation drug therapy

Data Item category

Resuscitation at birth

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
VIC: Drugs administered immediately after birth to establish independent respiration and heartbeat, or to treat depressed respiratory effort and to correct metabolism disturbances. QLD: Narcotic antagonist injection - Administration of the drug Narcan (naloxene).
ACT PMC: none, narcotic antagonist, sodium bicarbonate, adrenaline, other drugs.

Additional information

S/T collect varying information on the drugs used during resuscitation. TAS and ACT collect "adrenaline"; ACT and SA collect "sodium bicarbonate"; QLD, SA and ACT collect "naloxone". ACT collect "no drug therapy". VIC, QLD, SA and NT (electronic) provide a free text field to specify resuscitation drug therapies used.

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