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Additional diagnosis (baby) ICD-10-AM

Data Item category

Neonatal morbidity

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

METeOR: A condition or complaint either coexisting with the principal diagnosis or arising during the episode of admitted patient care, episode of residential care or attendance at a health care establishment, as represented by a code.

Additional information

This item would contain additional diagnoses relating to the birth episode and neonatal period. Examples include congenital abnormalities (Q00-Q99), respiratory conditions of the newborn (P22) and complications related to delivery. These items could also appear in the related data item Principal diagnosis ICD-10-AM.
ACT PDC obtains this item from linked data in the admitted patient collection for the PDC. QLD PDC collect neonatal morbidity which has a series of check boxes as well as "other" which is captured as an ICD-10-AM code.

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