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Proven necrotising enterocolitis

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Neonatal morbidity

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ANZNN: Diagnosis of proven necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) is definite. Has at least four of the following symptoms:
1. At least one systemic sign: temperature instability, apnoea, bradycardia or lethargy; and one intestinal sign: a
residual of more than 25% of the previous feed on 2 consecutive occasions, abdominal distension, vomiting or
faecal blood.
2. Has profile consistent with definite NEC including at least one of the following: abdominal wall cellulitis
and palpable abdominal mass, or pneumatosis intestinalis, or portal vein gas, or a persistent dilated loop on
serial x-rays, or a surgical or post mortem diagnosis.
3. Plus the baby warranted treatment for NEC, which included nil by mouth and antibiotics.

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