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Main disease/condition causing death

Data Item category

Perinatal mortality

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

NCIS: Diagnosis or diagnoses relevant to the death of the deceased, based on the autopsy report.
NPDC: Fetal/baby cause of death - main condition in fetus/baby as represented by an ICD-10-AM code. Deaths Registration Collections VIC, TAS: Disease/condition leading directly to death (specify disease, injury or condition which lead directly to death, not only the mode of dying such as heart or respiratory failure). WA: Disease, injury or complication leading directly to death - not only the mode of dying, such as heart or respiratory failure etc. Morbid conditions, if any, giving rise to the above cause, stating the underlying condition last. QLD: The main disease or condition' is the pathological condition which, in the opinion of the doctor, made the greatest contribution to the death of the fetus or infant. NSW PMC: Cause of death as recorded on death certificate (free text). QLD PMC: Cause of death as recorded on Medical certificate. SA PMC: Main cause in child, secondary cause in child, multiple cause in child. ACT PMC: Immediate cause of death in ICD-10-AM code.

Additional information

NSW and TAS PMC also collect PSANZ perinatal death classification. Birth and Death Registration Collections collect this item for stillbirths (Birth Register) and neonatal deaths (Death register).

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