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Underlying/antecedent cause of death

Data Item category

Perinatal mortality

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

Births and Deaths Registration Collection VIC: If the direct or other causes of death, as described, were due to, or arose as a consequence of another disease, injury or condition, these should be reported. QLD: Underlying cause of death provides for entry of the disease or condition present in either the fetus or the infant or mother, which the opinion of the doctor, was a single underlying cause of the perinatal death, i.e. the disease or condition which initiated the train of events which lead to death. TAS: Morbid conditions if any giving rise to the above cause. ABS COB: ICD 10 cause of death codes used to classify the disease, morbid conditions or injuries which contributed to death

Additional information

Birth and Death Registration Collections collect this item for stillbirths (Birth Register) and neonatal deaths (Death register).ABS Causes of Death collection uses ICD-10 to assign the underlying cause of death (UCOD) for neonatal deaths.

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