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Smoking status during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy

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Data definitions

METeOR: A self-reported indicator of whether a pregnant woman smoked tobacco at any time during the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy, as represented by a code.
VIC: Cigarette smoking before 20 weeks gestation. Quit - describes the mother who ceased smoking on learning she was pregnant or has given up prior to the 20 week gestation.

Additional information

This item is included in the Perinatal NMDS for collection in births from July 2010. This item will therefore not appear in the NPDC until 2 years later due to the time lag for data collection from the S/T. Additional information on smoking in pregnancy is available from some S/Ts: NT collect smoking at first antenatal visit. SA collect "quit before the first antenatal visit". NSW and VIC record non-smoking status. WA and SA collect occasional cigarette smoking. QLD collect whether quit smoking advice was offered to the woman. WA no longer collects as a separate item but captured in Number of Cigarettes smoked daily in first 20 weeks. NSW Perinatal Mortality Committee form records smoking at any time of the pregnancy. Item will be amended to reflect NMDS from 1/1/2012. QLD Perinatal Mortality Committee form records smoking at any time of the pregnancy and includes details on when quit and how many cigarettes per day.

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