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Clinician registering a perinatal death

Data Item category

Perinatal mortality

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Data definitions

All S/T Perinatal Death Registration Collections: Name, contact details and Medical Registration no. of clinician registering the death. VIC: Was the clinician registering the death responsible for the mother's medical care at the birth? Are they the treating Doctor or are they acting on advice from the Doctor who examined the body? Did they reference the cause of death with the complete medical history? Did the clinician have detailed knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the death? Were they responsible for medical care immediately before the death? Did they examine the body? On what date did they last see the baby alive? NT: Did the clinician registering the death attend the mother of the child before birth? Were they in medical attendance during the life of the child? Did they examine the body? SA: Did the clinician registering the death attend the child before death? Did they examine the body? QLD: Did the clinician registering the death examine the stillborn child's body, attended the deceased person when alive, examine the deceased's body (NND) or considered the deceased's medical history and the circumstances of the death. To certify the death the doctor has to be present at the stillbirth. NSW: I attended the mother of the stillborn child during confinement, I viewed the body of the child after death. TAS: Data last seen alive by Dr notifying of the death. Name, address, signature, phone number and date.

Additional information

Births and deaths register collects this items for stillbirths (Birth Register) and neonatal deaths (Death Register)

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