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Pregnant around time of death

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Maternal mortality

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NMMD: Pregnancy status of mother at time of death
NSW, QLD, TAS, WA: Was the deceased pregnant within six weeks prior to death, and/or between six weeks and twelve months of death? NT: Was the deceased pregnant within three months before death, if so approximate date of delivery and approximate date of miscarriage. VIC: Was the deceased pregnant in the 12 months preceding death? Specify within six weeks or between six weeks and 12 months of death or not pregnant. ABS COD: A pregnancy flag is on the death certificate noting present pregnancy or pregnancy within 42 days of death. NMMD: Ongoing intrauterine pregnancy (antepartum), Miscarried (<43 days after),Termination of pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy, Molar pregnancy Intrapartum, Postpartum <43 days, Postpartum or after early pregnancy loss 43 days or more, unknown/not stated.

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