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Contributing cause of death

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Maternal mortality

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QLD Death Registration Collections: Morbid conditions if any giving rise to the cause of death, free text field. If the direct cause of death was due to or arose as a consequence of another disease, injury or condition. S/T Deaths Registration Collections (ABS guideline): A condition should be regarded as being antecedent not only in an aetiological or pathological sense, but also where it is believed that this condition prepared the way for the direct cause by damage of tissues or impairment of function even after a long interval. ABS COD: ICD10 codes are assigned to all listed conditions and external events on the death certificate, including terminal, contributing and injury. ACT PMC: Contributing factors to maternal death form includes cause of death as specified by ACT Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Committees (primary and contributing causes of death). Classification of death (includes ICD 10 categories) and Contributing factors including a tick list of factors contributing to direct causes of death (categories include personal/family, trauma, logistical systems, faciilities, health personnel, model of care, complication of intervention, other).

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