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Case type/manner of death

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Maternal mortality

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NCIS: Whether a death was due to natural causes or external causes. An external cause death is defined as any death that resulted directly or indirectly from environmental events or circumstances that caused injury, poisoning and other adverse effects (WHO, 1992). The role of human purpose in the event resulting in death as determined at the completion of the coronial investigation or at the time of notification of death to the coronial office. This includes Intentional self harm, unintentional, interpersonal violence, complication of medical surgical care, legal intervention, undetermined intent, other specified intent, still enquiring, operations of War, Civil Conflict and Acts of Terrorism and unlikely to be known.
NMMD: Classification of death as determined by state or territory maternal mortality review committee.
TAS Deaths Registration Collection: Was the death: natural, accidental, suicide, homicide, pending investigation or could not be determined? NMMD: Not classified, direct, indirect, incidental, unclassifiable by state or territory maternal mortality review committee, unknown/not stated.

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