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Notifying person/informant

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Maternal mortality

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S/T DEATHS REGISTRARS: Contact details of notifying person and relationship to deceased. May also include mode of notification and source of information contained in the form. NSW: A doctor who was responsible for a deceased person's medical care immediately before death, or who examines the body of the deceased person after death, shall within 48 hours after the death, notify the Registrar of the death and of the cause of death in a form approved by the Registrar. VIC: Name, contact details, address, phone number, signature. Did you examine the deceased's body after the death? Were you responsible for providing medical care immediately before the death? How you can accurately state the cause of death? I am the treating Dr acting on advice from another Dr who examined the deceased's body, I have referenced the cause of death with the deceased's complete medical history, I have detailed knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the death, other with room to specify.

Additional information

Medical Practitioners are required to complete a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death for submission to the S/T Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. In addition the deceased's family is responsible for registering a death with certification of the funeral director.

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