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Alcohol in pregnancy

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Risk factors

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Data definitions

TAS PDC: If the woman has consumed alcohol during the pregnancy then the number of standard drinks per day need to be specified. OTHER S/T: No definition specified.
NPDC: Alcohol consumption status during pregnancy
QLD PMC: Mother's use of alcohol and other drugs in first trimester and month prior to birth.
WA PDC: Frequency of drinking an alcoholic drink. Number of standard alcohol drinks on a typical day.
NMMD: Alcohol at any time during pregnancy or up to and including 42 days postpartum.

Additional information

TAS collect amount of alcohol consumed less than 1 and greater than 1 standard drink per day. ACT collect number of standard drinks per week. NT collect data at the first visit and at 36 weeks. ACT PMC collect alcohol in substance abuse data item. VIC PDC to commence collecting this item in 2012.

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