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Respiratory support at 36 weeks post menstrual age

Data Item category

Neonatal morbidity

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Data definitions

ANZNN: Status of respiratory support at 36 weeks and 0 days / post menstrual age 252 days.




Additional information

​ANZNN: Item must be recorded for every infant < 32 weeks gestation. Record status on the exact day, regardless of inter current illness or operative procedure. If more than one option is potentially applicable, record the most severe (Unknown; No respiratory support; Low flow air +/- oxygen with feeds greater than or equal to 1L per minute; Low flow oxygen greater than or equal to 1 litre per minute; Oxygen via head box or incubator; High flow greater than 1 litre per minute; Nasal CPAP; Nasal ventilation includes nasal high frequency; Endotracheal CPAP or ventilation includes high frequency; Endotrocheal tube alone; Tracheostomy CPAP or ventilation includes high frequency; Tracheostomy alone).






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