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​Type of diabetes therapy during pregnancy

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Maternal Morbidity - non-specific

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Data definitions

NPDC: The type of diabetes mellitus treatment which a female is prescribed during pregnancy, as represented by a code (None; Insulin; Oral hypoglycemic; Diet and exercise; Not stated).
Tas PDC: Insulin - This includes fast or rapid-acting, short-acting, intermediate-acting, mixed or long-acting insulin; Oral hypoglycemic (This includes the options of sulphonylurea, biguanide (e.g. metformin), alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, thiazolidinedione, meglitinide, combination (e.g. biguanide & sulphonylurea), or other); Diet and exercise - This includes the options of generalised prescribed diet; avoid added sugar/simple carbohydrates (CHOs); low joule diet; portion exchange diet and uses glycaemic index and a recommendation for increased exercise.
Qld PDC: Multiple select to collect multiple treatment types (ICD-10-AM code) (insulin treated; oral hypoglycemic therapy; diet/exercise).
Other S/T: No definition given.

Additional information

​Tas PDC and Qld PDC diabetes therapy is asked in both pre-existing and gestational diabetes questions. Vic PDC only ask diet and insulin therapy options for gestational diabetes.

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