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Maternal weight

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Data definitions

NPDC: Seperate items for measured and self-reported weight - Maternal weight in kilograms and Self-reported maternal weight in kilograms.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections: VIC: Mother's self reported weight (body mass) in kilograms around the time of conception. QLD: Measured in kilograms, self reported weight of the mother in the four to six weeks prior to or at conception. WA: The weight in kilograms at time of booking for birth of the woman giving birth. If the woman has no weight recorded before 20 weeks gestation, report the self-reported weight at conception. SA (from 1/1/12): no definitions specified. QLD PMC: Earliest measured in pregnancy. VIC PMC: Mother’s self-reported weight (body mass) about the time of conception. Used to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI).

Additional information

Along with maternal height, it is used to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI). WA (electronic) collect from 1/1/12. ACT collect this item in one hospital only.

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