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​Additional reason for caesarean section

Data Item category

Complications of labour

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

Meteor: Additional indications for why a caesarean section is performed during a birth event, as represented by a code. NPDC: Additional reason for caearean section. Qld PDC: Additional reason for caesarean section (ICD-10-AM code).

Meteor and NPDC: Fetal compromise. Suspected fetal macrosomia, Malpresentation, Lack of progress; less than or equal to 3cm cervical dilatation, Lack of progress in the first stage; 4cm to less than 10cm cervical dilatation, Lack of progress in the second stage, Placenta praevia, Placental abruption, Vasa praevia, Antepartum/intrapartum haemorrhage, Multiple pregnancy, Unsuccessful attempt at assisted delivery, Unsuccessful induction, Cord prolapse, Previous caesarean section, Previous shoulder dystocia, Previous perineal trauma/4th degree tear, Previous adverse fetal/neonatal outcome; Other obstrtic, mecical, surgical psychological indications.



Additional information

​NPDC and Qld PDC collect 2 items for first additional reason for caesaren section and second additional reason for caesaren section.

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