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Total number of previous pregnancies of any duration (gravida)

Data Item category

Previous pregnancies

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections: VIC: The total number of pregnancies including the current one. WA: This excludes the present pregnancy and includes the total number of previous pregnancies at any gestation regardless of outcome, previous living children (including all children born to the mother, including any child given up for adoption, known to be alive), children that are born alive and now dead and stillborn babies (born to this woman) of greater than or equal to 20 weeks gestation or greater than or equal to 400g birth weight, which showed no signs of life at birth. SA: The number of previous pregnancies. QLD: Refers to all previous pregnancies and therefore excludes the current pregnancy. Total number of previous pregnancies resulting in: live birth, stillbirth, abortion, ectopic or hydatiform mole. OTHER S/Ts: No definition specified. Descriptions:
NPDC: Total number of previous pregnancies excluding the current pregnancy. ACT: Does not include current pregnancy outcome in the previous pregnancies section. SA Perinatal Deaths Registration Collection: also record if the first pregnancy.

Additional information

Some S/T include the current pregnancy and others do not. WA also collect data specifically on the number of children now living and the number of children born alive and now dead. Other S/T collect data on the number of specific outcomes of previous pregnancies (see below). SA Births and Deaths Registration Collection collects this for perinatal deaths - stillbirths in the Birth Register and Neonatal deaths in the Death Register Collections.

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