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Mode of delivery for the last pregnancy

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Previous pregnancies

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Data definitions

QLD Perinatal Data Collection: This relates to the last birth and therefore not necessarily the last pregnancy. For example, if the mother has had two previous pregnancies and the last pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous abortion while the pregnancy before was a caesarean birth then LSCS should be ticked. Method of delivery should only be provided for abortion/miscarriage when the gestation is 20 weeks or greater and or birth weight 400 grams or more. If the last birth was a multiple birth with two or more different outcomes then more than one mode of birth can be selected. Vaginal non-instrumental and vaginal and other (specify). SA: No definition specified.

Additional information

QLD collect other modes of delivery (vaginal, forceps, vacuum, LSCS and classical C/S and 'other' with free text to specify). SA collect no previous birth, vaginal, caesarean, unknown and also free text to specify. Other S/T collect previous caesarean only. No data are collected on previous vaginal birth.

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