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Neonatal death (number)

Data Item category

Previous pregnancies

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections: VIC: A live born baby who dies within 28 days of birth. SA: A neonatal death is a death within the first 28 days. TAS: The death of an infant in the period following live birth, up until 28 days.
Perinatal Data Collections: ACT: The death of a live born baby within 28 days of birth. NT: The death of a live born baby within 28 days of birth. QLD PMC: Outcomes of previous pregnancies include early neonatal death (less than 7 days), late neonatal death (7 to 28 days), death in infancy (to 2 years). ACT PMC: Neonatal deaths must be at least 20 weeks gestation or at least 400g birthweight.

Additional information

NT (electronic) also collect "last baby lived greater than 28 days" or if this is unknown. VIC, NT (paper) collect previous pregnancies resulting in a baby that lived less than 28 days. ACT and VIC collect neonatal death within the live birth data item (Liveborn died less than 28 days). Definitions of neonatal death are consistent in each S/T. SA Perinatal Deaths Registration Collects Neonatal deaths within 20 days of life. This departs from the standard definition in use in other collections in SA and Australia as a whole. QLD PMC also collect complications for each previous pregnancy. Birth and Death Registration Collections collect this item for stillbirths (Birth Register) and neonatal deaths (Death Register) only.

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