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Outcome of last pregnancy

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Previous pregnancies

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Data definitions

VIC Perinatal Data Collection: Outcome of the last pregnancy preceding the current pregnancy.
ACT PDC: Livebirth, stillbirth, miscarriage, termination of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy. NT PDC: Outcome of previous pregnancy. Births and Deaths Registration Collections (stillbirths and neonatal deaths only): NSW: live birth, stillbirth, abortion and neonatal death. SA: Single birth, surviving live births, stillbirths greater than 20 weeks, neonatal death within 20 days, multiple birth, surviving live births only, stillbirth only, neonatal death only, a combination, abortion (TOP or spontaneous), unknown. ACT: Live birth, stillbirth, abortion, neonatal death. QLD: One or more issue neonatal death, one or more issue born dead, abortion/miscarriage, all issue born alive.

Additional information

VIC and NT record whether the outcome of the last pregnancy was lived less than 28 days; greater than 28 days; stillbirth; spontaneous abortion; induced abortion; ectopic. NT collect multiple birth lived less than or greater than 28 days and multiple birth with neonatal death less than 28 days.

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