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Caesarean section for last birth

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Previous pregnancies

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Data definitions

METeOR, NMMD: An indicator of whether a caesarean section was performed for the most recent previous pregnancy that resulted in a birth, as represented by a code (1=Yes, 2=No, 7=Not applicalbe, 9=Not stated/inadequately described).
NMDS: This item should be completed for all women who give birth. Code 7 (not applicable) is applied if the woman has not had a previous pregnancy that resulted in a birth at or after 20 weeks gestation or of a baby weighing 400g or more.
S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: The previous birth (greater than 20 weeks gestation) being a caesarean section. VIC: Whether a caesarean section was performed for the woman's previous birth. SA: The method of the last birth is recorded. OTHER S/Ts: No definition specified.

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