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Medical-led care

Data Item category

Health services - Antenatal care

Collections containing the item

Data definitions

Definitions: S/T Perinatal Data Collections: NSW: The clinician or clinicians responsible for the care of the mother, collected separately for the antenatal period and the birth event. VIC: Obstetrician includes public and private obstetric care together with care provided by medical staff in hospitals under the supervision of an obstetrician. QLD: Public hospital/clinical medical practitioner: includes public hospitals and hospital based clinics attended by medical staff. Private medical practitioner: Includes a private medical practitioner in own private practice (for example a private obstetrician). Descriptions:
NSW: Choice includes Private Obstetrician, Hospital-based medical, General Practitioner. SA: The type of antenatal care received; tick as many as apply: Obstetrician in private practice, hospital clinic, General practitioner. ACT: Obstetrician, including the fetal medical unit, hospital antenatal clinic, General practitioner. QLD PMC: includes Obstetric hospital, private obstetrician, maternal/fetal medicine, GP.

Additional information

SA provide a free text field to specify type. VIC collects A/N care provider (clinician the woman has seen the most during the pregnancy). NSW enables multiple selections to identify all the clinicians that have seen the woman during the pregnancy. NT PDC contains this item in lead antenatal care provider for public hospitals only. In 2012 non public hospital data will also be captured.

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