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Midwifery continuity of carer program

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Health services - Antenatal care

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S/T Perinatal Data Collections: NSW: the mother was in a midwifery continuity of carer program for antenatal, birth and postnatal care. QLD (Online data collection only): Continuity of Midwife Carer - where the woman has a ‘primary’ or ‘named’ midwife(s), providing the majority of pregnancy, birth and post birth care. Did the same Midwife(s) who provided antenatal care also provide the woman’s intrapartum and post-discharge care? Answer ‘yes’ if all of the following occurred:
a) The woman received antenatal care on a number of occasions by the named midwife or small group of 2 – 4 midwives to the extent that they could be considered ‘known’ by the woman; b) The woman was cared for in labour/birth by the named or one of the small group of midwives; and
c) It is embedded in the maternity service that the named or one of the small group of midwives will provide the postnatal care to the woman after discharge.

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