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Intended place of birth

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Health services - Antenatal care

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
VIC: Intended place of birth (hospital, birth centre, home (other), home-private midwife care, home - Public homebirth program, other with specify). QLD: Intended place of birth at onset of labour.- gives definitions of hospital, birthing centre and home; TAS: Indicate the place in which the mother plans to give birth (hospital, birth centre, home/other). OTHER S/Ts: No definition specified. MOC NBPDS: The expected setting for a birth offered by a model of maternity care, as represented by a code
WA: Acceptable values are: Hospital, excluding birth centre - includes women who have elective caesarean sections; Birth centre, attached to hospital; Birth centre, free standing; Home – should be restricted to the home of the woman or a relative or friend; Other – includes community health centres; Not stated. ACT: Intended place of birth at onset of labour - Hospital, Birth centre or Home. QLD PMC: Home, birth centre, public hospital, private hospital, other, unknown

Additional information

NPDC collects both intended place of birth at booking and at onset of labour. Intended place of birth at time of booking for SA and TAS. Intended place of birth at onset of labour for NSW, QLD, WA, ACT and NT. VIC introduced additional home categories in Jan 2010 to identify those using private midwifery care or public homebirth program.

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