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Expected due date

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Gestational age assessment

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Data definitions

S/T Perinatal Data Collections:
NSW: The best estimate of the expected date of confinement, based on patient history, ultrasound examination (where available) and clinical assessment. VIC: The agreed due date is the estimated date of confinement. This may be based on the date of the last normal menstrual period (LNMP) or on clinical or ultrasound assessments. If there is uncertainty in each of these, report the agreed due date based on the best available information in the particular case. QLD: The day, month and year of the best estimated date of confinement. If more than one EDC is available. (either by scan, dates or clinical assessment), then record the one that has been deemed to be clinically the most reliable (i.e. the date used by clinicians, on which clinical decisions regarding the management of the pregnancy have been based). TAS: The estimated date of confinement as reported by the mother. WA: expected due date: estimates by either clinical assessment or ultrasound are acceptable. Descriptions: OTHER S/T: No definition specified.

Additional information

QLD collects "EDC estimated yes/no". WA data item not mandatory.

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